How to Use a Cell Phone on StickRPG

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 22, 2017

StickRPG is a popular online flash game. As the main character, you are a stick figure who must travel around town and attempt to improve yourself and gain money. You do this by earning money from working at a job, and increasing your stats by spending time at the university. After your character has improved a certain amount, you can purchase a cell phone from a store in town. However, it is not obvious how to use it. This guide will describe how to use that cell phone throughout particular scenarios in the game.

Load up the StickRPG game using the link below. Start a new game by clicking "New Game" and create a new character.

Add up the four numbers that are rolled for your character (Strength, Charm, Intelligence, and Extra). If the total is less than 27, click the roll again button. Once the total is at least 27, name your character and begin the game.

Go to the Bank and take out a $1000 loan. This will give you enough money to buy the necessary items to swiftly make use of your cell phone.

Go to the Pawn Shop and purchase an alarm clock and a cell phone. You now will have a cell phone in your inventory. Open your inventory and click on the cell phone. It will be used automatically to make contacts in other cities.

Go to the convenience store and purchase five caffeine pills. This will give you more time each day.

Go to the University and take classes to raise your intelligence. Once your intelligence is 40, apply for a job, and then apply for a promotion. Spend time at the office to raise enough money to pay back your loan.

Continue earning money and taking classes, and soon you will be able to apply for more promotions. Once you have become CEO, you should earn a few thousand dollars and deposit it in the bank.

Spend 10 days at the University clicking Strength Training, so you will be tough enough to handle the streets in other cities.

Buy caffeine pills and then sleep, to reset to morning. Withdraw all your money from the bank, purchase Commodities from the man next to the Pawn Shop, and then go to the Bus Depot. Your cell phone will be used automatically to help you sell the commodities.


Buy caffeine pills every day to increase the amount of time you have