How to Edit a SAV File

By Zachary Kaplan

Updated September 28, 2017

The .sav file extension denotes a saved file. Most commonly, this type of file is utilized to save the progress in a video game.

Buy or download a hexadecimal editor. In order to edit .sav files, familiarity with programming and hex is necessary. Without this knowledge it is impossible to edit .sav files.

Open the .sav file with a hexadecimal editor. There will be many lines of hexadecimal numbers. There is no way to know what numbers work with what aspects of the game, so it is important to write down the sequence before changes are made so that you do not have undesired results.

Alter the numbers, keep track of the changes, and see how this alters the data in the game. This is trial and error, and it may be recommended to search the Internet for changes that have been documented as successful.


This is a long process that may not give the desired result, even after a significant dedication of time.