How to Send a Text Message Overseas

by Sara GilmoreUpdated September 28, 2017
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International phone calls can be expensive, and the difference in time zones can make it difficult to communicate. Sending a text message overseas is a cheaper way to stay in touch. Plus, you can send one any time of the day or night just to say that you are thinking of your loved one. You may even want to notify your family and friends of your adventures on an international trip.

Check your cell phone plan. Some phone companies support overseas texting, and others don't. A few companies even include it in your standard texting plan so it won't cost you extra. Other companies will charge you more to send your message than to receive one. Even if your phone comes with unlimited texting, the plan may not apply to overseas texting.

Find the code for the country you want to call. You'll need to add this country code to the phone number. This will make the phone number 12 to 14 digits long. You can look this code up online; it's the same prefix that you use to call overseas.

Send the message through your phone’s e-mail function if you can't send an overseas text message. You'll both need to have Internet access. You can say the same thing you wanted to say in your text message, and it might be free, depending on your plan.

Write and send the text message just as you would for local calls. Do this by selecting the contact you want to send the message to and choosing the message option. Type your text message, then hit "Send."

Use an online messenger. Free messengers such as Yahoo or MSN's WebMessenger can send text messages overseas. Log in to the messenger, and add the phone number to your mobile contacts. The receiver will have to pay standard cell phone texting rates. You'll be able to type your messages with a computer keyboard, which is useful if you have trouble texting on the phone.


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