How to Get Tickets to the Judge Mathis TV Show

By Jonathan Rigden

Updated September 22, 2017

Get Tickets to the Judge Mathis TV Show

Many people enjoy watching the Judge Mathis TV show, but what would it be like to watch it live, and be on TV? Find and obtain your very own tickets to watch the show live in the studio.

Go online to the Judge Mathis official website (see Resources).

Click on "Tickets" on the upper-right side of the screen.

Fill out the appropriate information in order to receive your tickets.

Click "Submit." Once the show's producers check your information, they will contact you with the date, location and time of the showing you are reserved to attend.

Call (866) 3-MATHIS if you are unable to make your reservation via the Internet.


Be in the greater Chicago area during the filming of the show you are approved for.


Just because you fill out the information, you are not necessarily guaranteed tickets to the show.