Can I Recover Deleted Messages From a BlackBerry?

By Sean Harder

Updated September 28, 2017

Restore deleted email or text messages on your BlackBerry.
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Accidentally deleting a message from a BlackBerry can be a frustrating experience. There is often no easy way to recover the message once it's been deleted. But by taking a few steps, you can determine whether there is a way to recover data and restore your message. And with new software that's been created in response to this problem, you can prevent lost messages in the future.

Determine what type of message you've lost: an SMS text message or an email. If it's an email, you won't need to bother with complicated hard drive data recovery; recovering the message may be as easy as logging in to your email service on a computer to recover the message. If you work for a company, an IT representative may be able to scan the company server for your message. Some companies, however, do not store SMS messages on their BlackBerry servers.

Go into your BlackBerry inbox if you've lost an SMS text message. Press the BlackBerry's menu button and choose "View Folder." The message or a copy of it may still exist in the folders for your incoming and outgoing SMS.

Go to the BlackBerry menu screen and select the "Search" icon if you still can't find your lost message. Search for any keywords you can recall from the message. If the search function finds your lost message, you may need to copy the needed text from the search screen into a new message to preserve it.

Ask the person who sent the lost message or received a lost message from you to resend it if the above steps haven't worked.

Use third-party software. In response to this problem, a company named Dexrex has created free software that will store all SMS conversations to prevent their loss.