How to Fix the Clogged Shower & the Clogged Toilet in Virtual Families Game, also Repair Floors in game

By Megan Thacker

Updated October 03, 2017

Broken floors, showers and toilets are just a few of the home repairs you will have to deal with while playing "Virtual Families." This family simulation game challenges you to create a harmonious virtual household. Your family will face many of the same challenges every family faces: bills to pay, mouths to feed and household repairs to complete. With a little patience and some problem-solving skills, you can easily maintain a happy virtual family.

Fix the clogged toilet by dropping a family member on the green bucket against the wall in the laundry room. This bucket contains a plunger that he will use to unclog the toilet.

Use this same method to unclog the shower when necessary.

Repair the holes in the floor by purchasing floor repair kits from the store. Open the store, select "Floor Repair Kit" and drag the kit onto any of the holes. Drag a family member on top of the hole to begin the repair process. You must purchase a new repair kit for every hole in the floor.