How to Get a Yahoo! Email Free

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

When you need a new email address, choose from Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail or other free email account providers. Signup is similar for most free email accounts; signing up with Yahoo! typifies how to get a free email address. After only moments, you can be emailing your friends and family.

Navigate to the Yahoo! website in your Web browser. This takes you to the Yahoo Home Page. Look to the top-right side of the screen, and click "Sign Up." This takes you to the page where you sign up to get your free Yahoo! email address.

Input your name, gender, birthdate, country and zip code. You don't have to put in your real name, but if you want your friends and family to be able to find you, it's a good idea. However, if you are called Grandma, you can enter "Grandma" as your first name.

In the second section of the registration page, you create your actual email address. Think of your online identity and what you want your email address to be. Consider who will be sending email to you and receiving email from you. Make sure that the email address you choose to use is appropriate for a public identity. Since Yahoo is a free service, it may be impossible to get the exact email address you want. After entering the name you'd like to have, click the "Check" button to see if it available. If not, enter variations on the name until you find one that is available.

Enter a security question and answer into the third section. It is used to access your account if you forget your password. Type in the captcha security code. These are weird shaped letters and numbers that usually do not make sense. By typing those letters in you are letting the computer know that you are a human signing up for an email address and not a computer.

Read the "Terms and Conditions" and click the button at the bottom that says "Create My Account." You have a free Yahoo! email account and can start using it right away.


Write down your complete email address, including the part after the @ sign, as well as your password and security questions and answers.

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