How to Mount a Flat Screen TV on a Plaster Wall

by Jenny HarringtonUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Wall mounting bracket kit

  • Stud finder

  • Drill

  • Wire guard

One of the benefits of a flat screen television is the display options. A flat screen TV does not have to take up valuable surface or floor space since it can be mounted to a wall. You can even mount a flat screen TV on a plaster wall if you use the proper tools. It is very important to mount your TV correctly to avoid damaging the wall.

Mark the height and desired location for your flat screen TV on the wall. Use a pencil so you can erase the marks later.

Use an electronic stud finder to find the stud in the area where you want to hang your TV. The stud finder will beep, or a light will flash, when it finds the stud. Mark the stud with a pencil.

Follow the instructions for installing your mount. The mount kit will include all hardware needed for the installation. Most mounts consist of two pieces. The first piece of the mount will attach to your wall. Use a drill and the provided hardware to mount it directly into the stud so that the plaster is not damaged.

Attach the second piece of the bracket to your TV. Use the bolts included in the mounting kit. Insert the TV bracket into the wall mount, as instructed by the manufacturer, and install any bolts or hardware that your mount requires.

Install a wire guard over the cord and any other wires that trail from your TV. This is important to avoid snagging the wires and pulling the TV from the wall. Guards are either self-sticking or come with small screws to attach to the wall. Purchase a guard that matches your wall, or paint it to match after installation.


Take into consideration how high the TV will sit above the mounting bracket when marking the height for installation.


make sure the mounting kit will work with your TV brand before purchasing.

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