How to Replace a Wii Hard Drive

By Anthony King

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Nintendo Wii

  • USB Hard Drive

The Wii is the newest gaming system from Nintendo. This system is revolutionized the level of interaction users have with their gaming systems. The Nintendo Wii allows the user to control the game through actual movements. For example, if the user wants the character on the screen to swing a baseball bat, the user will have to physically make the swinging motion themselves. One slight drawback however is the size of the Wii's memory. The problem can be rectified by replacing the Wii's SD card with a USB hard drive.

Download the most current version of firmware for your Wii system. To do this, go to the setting options from the Wii dektop. Click on the lastest version of firmware and click to install.

Format the USB hard drive to the proper Wii format by converting the drive to what is called "Fat 32." To do this you must first download the Fat 32 formatter to your computer. Visit this website to download the file; After the download, select "Run" from the start windows button and type "cmd," which will open a command window. In the comman window type "C:" and press enter. Type "Fat32Format(letter of the USB hard drive without the parentheses)" and press enter.

Remove the SD card from its slot and input the USB hard drive in its place.

Restart the Wii and wait for the system to detect the hard drive. If it loads properly you will be returned to the normal Wii dektop as usual.

Save a game or a file to the hard drive to test that it will function properly. If the hard drive works you will be able to save the file to the hard drive as well as open one from the hard drive. Check to make sure that you can do both.


Replace a Wii Hard Drive