How to Open Bup Files

by James JohnsonUpdated September 28, 2017

DVD backup files, most commonly referred to as bup files, are most often found as a file type on certain DVDs and are used to back up information about the DVD's menus, chapters, tracks and subtitles. Since these files are somewhat non-standard, certain programs will need to be utilized to open them. Luckily it's also not hard to open bup files if the right steps are followed and the right programs are used.

Download one of the following programs that allow for easy .bup file opening: CyberLink, InterVideo, WinDVD or Nero. Nero offers a free trial period that may suit your needs in the short term, and it tends to be the most robust offering. For Mac users, Apple DVD Studio Pro is the best application suited for the job.

Install the program you chose from the options listed in Step 1. In each case the files offer a standard installation process, simply click on the file once you've downloaded it and continue to click "Next" until the program installs.

click on the "files" option at the top of the application and browse to the bup file at its physical location.

Click on the bup file and it should begin to auto play. You can also choose to find the bup file on your PC and right click on the file, choose "Open With" and navigate to the application you have installed. The program should auto launch and open the file.

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