How to Connect a Wii Console With a PC Via a USB Cable

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Although there are many sites that suggest it is not possible to connect a PC to a Wii, this is not the case. A Wii to PC USB connection does not require any hacked firmware on the Wii. This will primarily be used on older versions of the console that do not have internal wireless networking hardware. The PC to Wii USB connection requires a special device that allows the console to share Internet access with a personal computer.

How to Hook up a Wii to a PC via a USB Connection

Install the software included with the device on your Windows computer. The software does not work with the Macintosh or Linux operating systems, although a skilled computer user might be able to get it to work with an Emulator. The install program guides you through the installation steps. Pay careful attention to the dialog boxes when prompted to give a response. Reboot the computer when you have finished the installation

Connect the Wii to the PC using the Wi-Fi USB connector. Nintendo cautions users that devices not made by Nintendo will not work for this purpose.

Turn on the Wii. The computer will not recognize the Nintendo Console until it is plugged in. The computer itself will not recognize the format the Wii uses, although the software installed on the PC gives you limited access to the files saved directly on the console.

Start the Wi-FI connection software. This will give the Wii access to the broadband connection through the PC. If you set the Wi-Fi connection software to start up when the computer starts loading Windows, this step is unnecessary.

Set up the connection on the Wii. This is done through the Wii startup menu. Go into the Internet Options and select the connection settings. Set up the settings that are appropriate for the setup of your network. This includes WEP encryption and the network name. The Wii should now be able to access the Internet.