How to Play Catch the Mouse

By A.R. Darke

Updated September 22, 2017

Catch the Mouse is a game that has been popularized by the Korean television show, "Heroine 6." On the show, the players sit at desks and wear mouse ear headbands. In this version a player is hit on the head with a soft, plastic hammer if she loses. This part may be removed for a non-violent game. The activity is suitable for children of all ages, as it incorporates counting down and group play.

Everyone sits in a line. This can be either at a table, in desks or on the ground. All players should be shoulder to shoulder, facing the same direction.

All players chant together, "Catch the mouse! Catch the mouse! Catch, catch, catch! How many? How many?" The first person in line shouts a number. Each player then takes a turn "catching" a mouse and shouting the next number, counting down. Play continues down the line until all mice are caught or someone forgets the count. If all mice are captured everyone raises their arms and shouts "Hooray!" Play begins again.

When someone misses the count, she is out and the game begins again. This time the second person in line chooses the number. If a number is shouted that is higher than the number of players, the count rotates back through the line.

The number caller may also choose to shout, "Cat!" Then, everyone raises their arms and shouts, "Meow!" No one loses and play starts over.

The game continues until there is only one player left. That person is the winner.