How to Retrieve Voicemail From TracFone on Other Phones

By James Johnson

Updated September 28, 2017

TracFone offers a prepaid wireless service that is convenient for customers who don't want a contract or can't afford a monthly plan. Unfortunately, every time you check your voicemail from your device you use your prepaid minutes. Understanding how to check your messages from a secondary device is a great option for avoiding extra unneeded fees. Luckily, the process for setting up and checking your voicemails from a non-TracFone device is simple and straightforward.

Setting Up Your TracFone Voicemail

Contact TracFone at 1-800-867-7183 and tell the representative you want to set up your voicemail. He will lead you through the process. If you prefer to access the instructions and set up online, follow Step 2.

Visit (see link in Resources). On the top right side of the menu bar, you will see a link for "Service and Support." Hover over that link and click "Voice Mail." If hovering does not offer you any choices, click "Service and Support." Then click "Voice Mail."

Enter your "Serial Number" in the space provided. If you don't know how to find your serial number, click on the "?" next to the box. Select your device and follow the steps that are displayed to find your serial number.

Fill in the phone number for your device, including the area code directly below the Serial Number Field. Click "Continue."

Wait for the directions to be sent to your TracFone device. Follow the instructions and your device will be set up with your own personal voicemail greeting.

Save your voicemail password in a safe location as you will need it to retrieve your voicemail from another phone at a later time.

Accessing Your Voicemail From a non-TracFone Device

Dial your TracFone phone number from any landline or cellular device.

Press "" when your voicemail picks up. For your mailbox number, enter your cell phone number with all 10 digits included. Press "" again.

Enter your private access code (the password you chose when you were setting up your voicemail). Press "*." You should now be in your voicemail.


Some customers may need to dial into a special mailbox to access their voicemail. Iff this is the case, call Tracfone at 1-800-867-7183 to receive your local voicemail box number.