How to Copy a Streaming Video

By Mitchell White

Updated September 28, 2017

A streaming video is watched on a website online, usually using something like Flash Player. There will be a little "play" button that looks like an arrow pointing to the right, and once it's pressed, the video will play right on the website. Streaming videos get their information from the website in question instead of playing it from your computer's memory. To copy a streaming video so that it can be transferred to other devices or played while your computer is not on the Internet, it needs to be downloaded.

Download a program capable of downloading streaming videos at the website where you watch them. An example of this is YouTube Downloader (see "Resources").

Install the file after it downloads by double-clicking on it. Go through the installation process, which will include choosing a directory for the program.

Visit the web page of the streaming video you want to copy. An example of such a website could be YouTube. Highlight the web address at the top of the page, right click, and copy it.

Go to the YouTube Downloader program, and select the "Download From YouTube" box.

Paste your streaming video website into the box by right clicking on the box and selecting "Paste". Then hit a "OK." The file should now download, giving you a copy of the streaming video.