How to Play NES Games on a PSP

By Craig Brewer

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet connection

  • USB/mini-USB connector (comes with the PSP)

You can play old Nintendo Entertainment System games on a Sony PlayStation Portable by downloading software called an "emulator" and using digital copies of the old NES cartridges. The only problem is that many of these emulators only work on older versions of the PSP's operating system called Firmware. Consequently, you may have to also install an older Firmware.

Download an NES emulator and any games you want to download from the Internet (see Resources). Save these onto your computer.

Check the emulator's documentation to see which version of the PSP Firmware you will need to install in order to run that emulator. Download that version of Firmware (see Resources).

Connect your PSP to your computer using the USB/mini-USB cord. Save the Firmware files to the Updates folder on your PSP's memory stick. You can find this by opening your PSP from Windows Explorer and navigating to "PSP" then "Games" then "Update." Create this folder if it is not there.

Save the emulator files and games to a separate folder on your PSP's memory stick. You can call this whatever you like.

Disconnect your PSP from your computer and restart it. Then, from the main menu, go to "Game" then "Memory Stick" then "Update." Select the new Firmware, and allow your PSP to update its operating system.

Start the emulator program by going to "Game" then "Memory Stick" then the folder where you saved the game files. Select the NES game you want to play.


You can update to the latest version of Firmware again by simply connecting your PSP to any active Wi-Fi port. It will then ask if you want to download the latest Firmware automatically.


Note that although many NES games are now in the public domain, some may have copyright issues. To be safe, only download NES games which you already own in cartridge format.