How to Find the Speed of a USB Port

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 28, 2017

USB ports can be used to connect your computer to a printer and to transfer information from your computer to a portable device (such as a portable media player). When you connect a device to your computer using a USB port, a message may appear on the screen informing you that you are connected to a “low-speed” USB port. By using this simple method, you can determine the speed of all USB ports on your computer and learn if your computer has any high-speed USB ports.

Click the “Start” button on your taskbar.

Right click on the “My Computer” option.

Select “Properties.” A box will appear.

Click the “Hardware” tab in the box. Then, click on the “Device Manager” button in the middle of the box. A separate window will open.

Scroll down the second window until you see “Universal Serial Bus Controllers.” Double-click that option, and a list of the USB ports on your computer will appear.

Read the description for each USB port. If the word “Enhanced” is in the description, it is a high-speed USB port (2.0) and is capable of running at 480 megabits per second. If the word “Standard” is in the description, it is a regular 1.0/1.1 USB port and will transfer at about 12 mbps.