How to Install a Digital Signature for Microsoft Word

by Joanne MendesUpdated September 28, 2017
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Digital signatures certify that the creator validates the information within the document. The signature also works as a security feature; it remains on the document unless the document has been altered by an unauthorized person. Subsequent document viewers can also add their signatures to the document as a way to verify that they have reviewed the material. Using a digital signature in Word makes the signature available across the Microsoft Office suite of products.

Open the document to be signed in Word by double-clicking the file name from your drive, or by selecting "File," and then "Open."

Scroll to the location where the signature should appear in your document.

Select "Insert" to open the Insert tab. In the Text group, click the line for "Signature List," and then select "Microsoft Office Signature Line."

Type in the information about the signer in the Signature Setup dialog box. This information appears beneath the signature line. Enter the appropriate name in the box for "Suggested Signer." If you would like the email address and title to also appear, enter this information in the designated boxes. To provide instructions to those signing the document, enter them in the "Instructions to signer" box.

Select your options for signing. If you check "Allow the signer to add comments in the Sign dialog box," Word allows you to type the reason you are signing. Checking "Show sign date in signature line" enables Word to place the date of the digital signature with the signature itself.


If a document is unsigned, Word displays the Signatures Message Bar. If this occurs, click "View Signatures" and add your digital signature. To add multiple signatures, repeat the process.


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