How to Find Proxy Server Settings

By Tim Mammadov

Updated September 28, 2017

Proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary between your network and the Internet. It also filters the requests from each computer for content. Furthermore, it stores the visited webpages in it's cache memory and, when those pages are requested by users, delivers them to the computers without going back to the Internet, thus speeding up the process. Proxy server is usually a computer system on your network, but you can check what the settings are from your machine.

Open your Internet Explorer browser.

Click on "Tools" tab in the top menu bar.

Click on "Internet Options." This will bring up the "Internet Options" window.

Click on "Connections" tab.

Click on "LAN Settings" button in the bottom portion of the window. This will bring up the "LAN Settings" window.

Click on "Advanced" under the "Proxy Server" section to be able to see the proxy server settings of your local area network.


This process is universal for all versions of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.