How to Play Facebook Farm Town

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Work with your Facebook friends to gain levels in
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The "Farm Town" application on Facebook puts you in charge of your very own farm. Here you plant crops, harvest the yield and sell it in the marketplace for a profit. Most tasks you perform in the game earn you experience, and as you level up you gain access to new plants and equipment. You can also gain experience by visiting the farms of your Facebook friends.

Log in to Facebook and search the applications for "Farm Town." When you are prompted, allow access to the application and it will set up a new virtual farm for you.

Click the hoe icon to plow fields, the store icon to buy seeds to plant and the scythe icon to harvest them. Harvest time varies depending on which crops you planted.

Sell your harvested crops immediately or use the "Store" option to place the crops in your shed. You get more coins by storing than by selling right after the harvest.

Click the shed icon to take your plants to the market, where you can sell them.

Go to the marketplace and click on a person, then hire her to harvest your crops. You will yield larger amounts of crops this way, earning you more money when you sell the yield. Add these people, who aren't on your Facebook friend list, to your "Farm Town" buddy list so that you can hire them again and they can hire you in return.

Invite Facebook friends to join you as neighbors. Each neighbor will be added to your neighbor list and you can earn coins by visiting and tending to their farms each day. You can also send and receive "Farm Town" gifts from neighbors. Visiting and helping your neighbors will also help you earn the "Farm Town" trophies.

As you get more money, your options increase. With each new level, new seeds and farm items will become available for you to buy. The seeds will cost more but will yield more coins when harvested. The gifts you receive and send to neighbors will also be worth more. Once you reach Level 15, you will also be able to buy more land to make your farm larger. Since this allows you to plant more crops, this will help you bank account grow as well.