How to Add Free Rooms to Your Dish Network System

By Editorial Team

Items you will need

  • Dual tuner receiver

  • Cable Signal Splitter

  • Additional TV2 Remote (optional)

add free rooms to your Dish Network system
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Do you have Dish Network and want more rooms with TV? If you've got a dual tuner receiver, it's pretty easy to do and you won't have to pay a monthly fee for another box from Dish!

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If connected, remove the coax cable from the "home distribution" port on the back of your dual tuner receiver. This port is used to send a "cable" signal to any number of televisions in your home. Each of these signal are identical (you'll be watching the same thing on all of these TVs).

Connect one end of a loose cable to the "home distribution" port.

Connect the other end of that cable to the "in" port of your splitter. You can find one for several dollars in most electronics stores like Radio Shack, Best Buy, and even WalMart. Be aware that the actual physical location of the component may be elsewhere in the house.

Connect as many rooms you like to the "out"s of the splitter.

Tune the TVs to the modulated output of the receiver and enjoy!


All TV's from the splitter must be able to tune to the modulated output of the dual tuner receiver, normally channels 60 or 73 Buy an additional TV2 remote off of eBay, set it to the same remote frequency, and stop lugging that one around the house


Take care when working with any type of electrical components. Be sure to unplug them from their source before beginning.