How to Beat Medieval 2 Total War with Scotland

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Playing as Scotland is one of the greatest challenges in the "Medieval 2: Total War" video game. You start out with one and only one city, and share your island with England, one of the strongest starting factions in the game. Make no mistake; you have to be an above-average player to beat "Medieval 2: Total War" with Scotland, but it is possible.

Quickly strengthen your economy, build roads and then immediately build armies and military improvements. You need to defeat England as quickly as possible, so you need every edge you can get on the battlefield. Don't concentrate on archery; you simply can't keep up with England on this front, so put your resources into areas that will pay off better, like armories, stables, siege works and infantry improvements.

Send your diplomat onto the main continent. Meanwhile, send priests, cardinals, spies and other units into English territory to keep track of English armies and determine which cities are loaded and which aren't.

Immediately rush your army south, build reinforcements to follow, then head south to take York. Your best chance at beating England is to get as many of the rebel British Isle settlements as possible so you can ramp up your economy, and even more importantly, increase your ability to produce a large number of armies per turn. One city won't be nearly enough to keep up with England, which starts out with superior units to Scotland.

After seizing York, fortify that city and build an army to head over to Ireland and seize Dublin as quickly as possible. Dublin has a fairly strong rebel force, so you may want a family member or two and some mailed knights to help even out the odds. After taking over Dublin, keep a minimal force in place to keep the peace, and move all spare armies towards the English border.

Watch for the right opportunity. Often England will leave London virtually defenseless to go after the Welsh. If it does this, sneak an army past Nottingham and sack London as quickly as possible. This will cripple the English economy, and at that point all you need to do is keep producing troops in the north to fight Nottingham and any extra English armies. They may win some battles, but if you can hold London and wear them down, you'll be on your way.

Kick the English off the British Isles. It doesn't matter so much if they live on the continent; just make sure you control the British Isles. Once you get to this point, ramp up your economy as quickly as you can. If you own all of the British Isles, you are in a strong position to expand and eventually win "Medieval 2: Total War."

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