How to Download Free Telugu Movies

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with speakers

  • Hi-Speed Internet Connection

  • DVD Burner

  • Recordable DVDs

Download Free Telugu Movies

Teluga is a Dravidian language spoken in central India. It is easy for travelers and those who have relocated to foreign areas, yet speak the Telugian language, to download free Teluga movies on-line. There's no reason for anyone to live without experiencing their cultural roots whenever they want and regardless of where they live.

Find a reputable Internet site that allows you to download free Teluga movies. Read customer reviews and check out movie title selections for yourself before deciding where you want to focus your time and energy. There are several reputable companies listed in the Resources section.

Choose the link on the movie website that hosts downloadable movies. The tab can usually be found at the top part of the page. Look at the list and choose a movie.

Go to the selected movie page and choose the "Download This Now" tab. Depending on the site that you prefer, the tab might say something different but always directs you to press the link to begin the download.

Choose where you are going to save the file on your computer. A computer window will pop up before the downloading process takes place and you are able to pick where you would like the movie file to be added. Depending on your computer memory, you can save the movie directly to your desktop or to a folder in your documents.

Burn the movie from the hard-drive of your computer to a recordable DVD. Though this is an optional step, it is possible to save your hard-drive computer memory by burning the movie onto a DVD, through your computer's DVD player (not all computers have a DVD burner--check to see if yours does). Then you could delete the hard-drive copy of the movie that is downloaded on your computer. This will free up space for future projects of all kinds.


Spend some time on the Teluga-friendly forum sites, reading what the members have to say. You will save yourself frustration and time as these experienced cinema watchers will direct you to the proper online venues.


If you are willing to pay a user fee (usually about $40 to $50 a year--much less for a three day pass) to access and download the movies, the download experience is much faster, more sophisticated, and goes smoother in general. It is still possible to download for free however.