How to Get Movie Tickets Refunded or Get Free Movie Tickets

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Getting your movie tickets refunded or getting free movie tickets is as easy as asking. If, for any reason, you aren't satisfied with your experience at the movies, speak up, don't just plan to never come back. Movie theater staff, while diligent, may not be aware that the sound is off in a certain theater, the air conditioning too cold or the screen dirty. While theaters can't be responsible for the behavior of other people, they are committed to providing a fun evening and typically refund your ticket once you make a reasonable request.

Go directly to the customer service desk. Make sure you have your ticket stubs or receipt for the tickets of the show you are watching.

Calmly and tactfully list your complaints to the customer service representative, and ask for a refund. Provide a picture ID and the credit card with which you purchased the ticket. If the representative is unreceptive, or unwilling to accommodate your request, ask to speak with the theater manager.

Speak with the manager and list your complaints. Ask for a refund, or complimentary tickets. Typically, the manager responds with a rain check or a full refund.

Ask the manager to call the corporate office and let you speak with corporate level customer service if the manager is unresponsive. Again, list your complaints and your request.

Contact the corporate office with the theater manager's name, customer service representative's name and the area supervisor's name if the you haven't yet received a refund. Provide the showtime and date as well as the issues during the showing. Provide a return address for further questions. Typically, the company will respond with a refund.

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