What Does a Wii Console Come With?

By Kaitlyn Yeager

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii console comes complete with several items that are necessary to begin game play. These items range from controllers to actually play the games to the necessary cables and adapters to hook the system up to the television. Each of these items is critical in order to enjoy the game system.

The Console

The most important piece is the Wii console itself. The console can be used in either of two ways: flat on its side, or vertically. When using the game system flat, the games should be inserted with the decorated side of the disk facing up. When using the game system vertically, the games should be inserted with the decorated side of the disk facing to the right.

The Wii Remote

The Wii Remote is the main controller for the game system. A strap for the remote should be included; this is attached to the bottom of the remote. A "jacket" for the remote should also be included. This allows the remote to be held more comfortably, and cushions the remote in case it is accidentally dropped.

The Nunchuck

The Nunchuck is the controller extension for the Wii. It allows the player to play games that involve moving both hands, such as the boxing game in Wii Sports. It plugs into the bottom of the Wii Remote next to where the strap connects.

The Sensor Bar

The sensor bar is a critical piece of equipment for the Wii. It is plugged into the back of the console and can be placed either on top of or in front of your television. It senses where the Wii remote is pointed and when either of the controllers moves, allowing the player to play the game or use the system.

Power and TV cords

The Wii system comes with two cords: one for power and one to connect to the television. The power cord plugs into the back of the system on one end and an electric outlet on the other. The TV cord connects to the television with the red, white and yellow end and to the Wii with the other end.

Wii Sports

The game Wii Sports also comes with the Wii console. It consists of five sport games: Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, and Boxing. Boxing is the only one that requires the nunchuck.