How to Fix a Nintendo DS Screen with Black Spots & Lines

By Michael Grisso

Updated September 22, 2017

When you notice black spots or lines on your Nintendo DS screen, it's time to replace it. However, don't send it off to get repaired when you can do it yourself. In the end you will be able to save a substantial amount of money.

Take the battery out before starting to fix your DS screen. Open up your Nintendo DS and look for the four screw slots positioned around your top screen. They will be covered with small pads. Remove the pads so you can unscrew each one.

Pull apart the DS screen casing. You will see a green board that needs to be turned over so you can detach the three ribbons. Two of them are attached to the motherboard. To remove these, you can pull up on the black bars and slide out each ribbon.

Remove the third ribbon connected to the damaged DS top screen. You will see a small clip that holds it in place. Loosen the clip enough to detach the ribbon from the DS screen.

Look for the plastic piece on your DS screen. Use a precision flathead screwdriver to lift up on it and take it out. Take your flathead screwdriver and run it along the edges to loosen up the adhesive. Remove the Nintendo DS screen.

Insert your new DS screen. If it seems a little loose, push some of the excess adhesive removed by the precision flathead in between the edges. Then, begin reassembling.


Make sure you take your time while disconnecting the ribbons so they don't tear.