How to Install WildTangent Full Version

By Jennifer Claerr

Updated September 22, 2017

The best way to install the full version of WildTangent games is to install the WildTangent Game Console. This convenient program interface will help you to find, download and install the full trial versions of the WildTangent games you would like to play. You can play the games within the console to see if you want to purchase them. After you've tested the games, you can either purchase more play sessions or buy the games outright.

Navigate to the website. Click the "Game Console" link. Click "Get It Now."

Find the installation file on your hard drive when the download completes. Double-click on the file to begin the installation. Read and agree to the license agreement.

Launch the WildTangent Game Console. Click on the games whose full version you'd like to install. Select from "Enthusiast," "Casual" or "Family" on the console to find games tailored to your interests. Alternatively, click "Find Games" in the left pane of the game console window. Or you can click Home > Fullscreen to navigate the games in the WildTangent Orb interface.

Set the parental controls if you're installing the Game Console for your child. Set your personal identification number (PIN) and then select the ESRB rating appropriate for your child's age. Choose "Early Childhood" or "Everyone" for children 10 and under. Choose "Everyone 10+" for children between the ages of 10 and 13. Choose "Teen" for children 13 and older. For an adult, set the ESRB rating to "Adults Only" to get the largest possible list of games.

Click on "Free Trial" when you find a game you would like to play. This link will download a trial version of the game to your hard drive. Check the System Requirements directly under the game information. If the word "Passed" appears over a green bar, you can download and install the game. Click the "Free Trial" button to begin the download.

Click the "Play" button to begin the free-game trial. Keep in mind that while you can usually play as long as you want, the number of free game sessions you can receive is limited.

Purchase WildTangent WildCoins to get more game play sessions. You an also purchase the games you enjoy playing the most by clicking the "Buy Now" button. Make sure you save a copy of your Unlock Codes in case you need to reinstall the games at a later date.


Some games do not require you download a free trial. Click "Play" and open a browser window so that you can play the game online.