How to Program a Philips Universal Remote

by Matthew FortunaUpdated September 28, 2017

The Phillips universal remote can be bought as a useful alternative to a mess of electronics remotes for your entertainment center. Instead of separate remotes for your TV, VCR, DVD player and stereo, you can control all of these components with one universal remote. Programming your universal remote is very simple.

Turn on the component you wish to sync with your universal remote, such as your television or DVD player.

Press and hold the "Code Search" button on your remote. You can release the button once the red indicator comes on and stays on.

Press the button on your remote for the corresponding component you wish to program. The buttons will read "TV" or "DVD."

Enter the three-digit code for the component selected on your controller number pad. The codes can be found either in your universal remote manual or on the manuals for the individual components. The red indicator should flash off after you enter your code.

Press the "channel up" button on your remote control until the programmed function responds. You are now free to use your universal remote on the component as normal.

Repeat the process from Sep 1 to program a different component (your television, DVD player, stereo, etc.), until you have programmed all of them individually.

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