How to Make a Word Document From a Web Page

by Carl Hose ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Microsoft Word

Web pages are Internet documents written in HTML code. These documents are typically read online or with web page editing software, but what if you want to view and edit web pages for a book compilation and need them in a word processor format? Microsoft Word is the leading word processing software on the market. Its versatility allows users to write, edit and print documents of all kinds. Learn how you can make a Word document from any web page that will include all the graphics and even the hyperlinks.

Decide which method you'd like to use to create a Word document from a web page. One method is to open Word to a new blank document, then select the entire web page you want to save as a Word document. Use copy and paste to insert the web page content into your blank Word document. Use the "Save" feature and save as a Word document.

Use your browser to save the web page with the "File" menu and the "Save As" command. This will allow you to save the web page to your computer. Open the web page with Word and use the "File" and "Save As" command to save the web page as a Word document.

Copy and paste text and graphics into a new blank Word document separately. This won't give you an exact reproduction of the web page, but it does allow you to get all of the content. Once you've copied and pasted everything into your blank Word document, use the "File" menu and the "Save As" command in Word to save the document in Word doc format.

Use a print driver or additional software to turn HTML web pages into Microsoft Word documents (see Resources). These options are the best because they produce Word documents from web pages accurately and require no extensive skills to use.

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