How to Make Money Online Just By Asking for It

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Free hosting

  • Free website template

  • A little creativity

You see bums on every street corner looking for a dime. Why not do the same thing on the Internet? Recently, a kid made money for college doing that. I have tried it too, and it works. This article is NOT for slime balls who manipulate people to give, by the way.

Identify what you are asking for money. Be careful to think of something that will not get you into trouble with the law. BAD IDEA: say you are raising money for victims of the ethnic cleansing in Darfur. GOOD IDEA: say you are raising money for your church youth group (if you really are doing that).

Save money - get a free website host. I go more into that with my article about hosting your website for free. The link is at the bottom of this article in the Resources part.

Use a free template. There are literally hundreds of websites out there that offer free templates. I got mine from www.freetemplates.com. But you can just Google "free website templates" and look around.

Write creatively on your website. Remember that most people stay on a website for an average of seconds. If you can keep their interest for longer than that, you may be able to close the sale. Be honest about why you are asking for money.

Set yourself up with a free PayPal account. Paypal makes it easy to create buttons that you embed into the HTML of your site.

Visit my begging website for a quick example of how to do it. The link is below, or just copy and paste http://www.donate2me.happyhost.org into your browser.


If you find this article useful, please donate to me! People have a sense of humor. Often, they will not mind giving.


NEVER claim to be something you're not. Whenever disasters like Katrina or 9/11 happen, slime balls take advantage of compassionate people and steal their money. Don't do this. Have fun and see how you can get people to give to you without selling them a sob story!

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