How to Block Someone From Calling

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 28, 2017

While you may enjoy receiving telephone calls from your family members, friends and acquaintances, not every telephone call you receive is from someone you want to hear from. Whether you have a home phone or a cell phone, there are ways to block calls from telemarketers, surveys, auto dialers, bill collectors and others. These methods involve both practical wisdom and technology.

Inform telemarketing companies who continually call you to take you off their calling list. If there is a "live" person on the other end, ask for his or her name so that you can log it, along with the date and time, as proof that you requested removal from their call list. If it is an automated call, at the end of the it there should be an option that you can choose to request the removal of your phone number from their list.

Register your cell phone or home phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry website. This is free and puts your number on a list of numbers that telemarketers are prohibited from calling. Unfortunately, this does not cover calls from every commercial marketer, but in general it does help reduce the number of telemarketing calls you will receive.

See if your telephone company offers a feature that prohibits unidentified calls from being able to get through unless the caller first entering a code--such as *82--before dialing your number. This will cause their telephone number to be identified. Telemarketers might be discouraged by this, and anonymous pranksters won't want their phone numbers disclosed.

Use a "smart phone," which can be customized for your use. Some wireless providers offer their "smart" cell phone customers access to software that can be downloaded to their cell phones. This software can help block unwanted calls.

Call the company that furnishes your telephone service and find out if it offers any services that help block unwanted calls. A number of companies offer call blocking. You can enter telephone numbers you don't want calls from, and calls from those numbers will be unable to get through.

Inform your telephone service provider if you are being bothered by continual prank, threatening or abusive calls. The company can notify law enforcement about these incidents, and once the source of these calls is located, the caller can be warned--and even arrested, if the warning is ignored. Make certain that you log the date, time and description of these calls so you can adequately inform your telephone company.

Think about taking legal action against telemarketers who call even after you have either requested removal from their call list or registered with the National Do Not Call Registry. They are in violation of the law and can be sued.


Always keep a notebook and pencil nearby if you are still receiving unwanted calls so that you can readily log the time and date.