How to Remove Doubleclick Adware

by Barb NeferUpdated September 28, 2017

DoubleClick is a common tracking cookie placed onto your computer by various websites. Once it's there, the parent company can retrieve it and you may start receiving pop-up ads and emails based on the tracking information. To avoid this, you need to regularly remove DoubleClick tracking cookies. You can make the process a part of your regular spyware prevent routine with some easy steps.

If you don't already have a spyware detection and removal program installed on your computer, install one. You can get an effective program, like Spybot Search and Destroy or Adaware, for free.

Perform a scan with the spyware program. If your computer has DoubleClick cookies, they will show up in the scan results. You may find other spyware as well.

Use the spyware program to remove the DoubleClick cookies from your computer. The program will give you an option to fix the problem and any others it might have detected. Select the option to start the removal process.

When removal is complete, reboot your computer and run another scan. The DoubleClick cookies should no longer show up in the results. If they do, run the removal process again or try another spyware program.

Continue to run a spyware scan on a regular basis. DoubleClick cookies are downloaded silently by many websites. Being diligent with spyware scans will allow you to remove them as quickly as possible.


Many spyware programs can be set up to run in the background and prevent spyware infections. DoubleClick adware is really a cookie, so you cannot prevent it unless you disable acceptance of cookies which may affect your ability to view many websites. However, the spyware program will prevent other infections.

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