How to Make a Newspaper Online

By Elizabeth Lang

Updated September 15, 2017

Items you will need

  • domain name

  • web host

Online newspapers are a popular way to publish content on general or specific newsworthy happenings. They are cheaper to produce than traditional print newspapers and have the potential to reach a wider and more global audience. Usually, online newspapers come in two forms: traditional newspapers that have started publishing their content online (such as the "Washington Post") or new media newspapers that begin solely with the intention of producing online content. New online newspapers tend to focus on specific topics (such as popular culture, travel, or politics) while traditional papers with online content focus on a wide range of topics.

Decide what your online newspaper will focus on. Will it be general news? Political news? Sports News? Travel News? Your online newspaper should be something that you are passionate about and that you can write about.

Choose a name. Your newspaper will need a name. Choose a name that is interesting or descriptive. A descriptive name is desirable for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An example might be "Canada Travel News."

Purchase the domain name and hosting package. The name of your online newspaper should also be your domain name (for example, A hosting package is run through a company that actually stores your newspaper's information on their server. Examples of places where you can purchase the domain name and host your site include and

Install Wordpress or another content managing system. Many people choose Wordpress over other systems (like Typepad) because it is more customizable. It's a free system that millions of people use. (See Resources.)

Choose and install a layout or Wordpress News theme. There are hundreds of "themes," (essentially the design and layout of your web site) that are created specifically for online newspapers. (See Resources.)

Add news content. Now that your web site is set up, you can start publishing news stories. Ensure that they are timely and accurate.

Market your online newspaper.
In order for your online newspaper to succeed you will need readers. Market your online newspaper by commenting on people's blogs and linking to other online newspapers.

Get advertisers for your online newspaper.
After you have content on your newspaper you can set up Google Adsense to earn ad revenue. After you have an established readership (generally considered 20,000 readers per month or more) you can contact companies for private advertising.

Publish a call for submissions.
By posting a call for submissions on your web site and other industry sites, you will start gaining writers to author additional content for your online newspaper.


Find other online newspapers in your same niche to gain an idea of how the web site should look and how often it should be updated.


Starting a web site requires a large investment of time. It takes time to design the web site, produce and market the content, bring in advertisers and reach an audience.