How to Convert a File to MP3

by braniac ; Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Windows Operating System

  • Windows Media Player (Usually installed)

  • Internet

Ever wonder how to convert a file to MP3? What is a MP3?

MP3 is a media format used by a lot of music players, cars, computers, and many other items these days.

It may not be the best format for sound and size, though it gets the job done and is widely accepted.

Do you want to convert to an MP3 from other sound file types?

Great, I'm here to help, there are many ways.


The first way I am going to show you is how to get MP3 files from a CD. This is done using Windows Media Player.

First, we need to set the options, I will be guiding using WMP 11.

The first step is to go to options.

This is done going to rip, left clicking on the little arrow and picking More Options.


After you've opened up more options, you'll receive, surprise, the options page for Ripping music.

On this page, you set the format to MP3 and adjust the Audio Quality.

The smaller the file, the less quality, the larger the file, more quality.

This part is up to you, what do you want? Pick it.

Turn on RIP CD when inserted -> Only when in Rip Tab

The last step for ripping MP3 is simple, make sure you are in the Rip tab of WMP, just insert a CD you want and start ripping it.


The next option is for if you already have a file on your computer in a different format and you want to convert the file to MP3 or many other formats.

I will show you one way to do it, while I listed another resource to convert a different way, it is longer and a more cumbersome way I would say.

This way, we are using Media Convert.

It is an online converter tool.

No software required, it simply is online.


The first step to using Media Convert is to browse and upload a file you want to convert.

After selecting the file and clicking open, you'll see your file in the file part of the web page.


The next step is to decide what format you want your file to be. Unluckily, all my files are already MP3 so I'll convert it to something else.

You'll notice the input format was already put in, it detects what kind of file it is.

I'll convert it to MP4.

You'll notice you can fill in a lot of other information as well.

A quick overview:

Rename file to - renames the file.

MP3 encoding - is to set the quality, the higher it is, 256, the bigger the file and vice versa.

Sound volume - Set the volume of the MP3 when it is played. For example, lets say you burned a whole CD at -2 sound except one really loud song. This is one way to play a joke on a friend, convert all songs except for one at -2, and the one at +2, and it will be really loud when they play it. I don't advise this unless your goal is to be a jerk, or laugh a lot.

ID Tag - This is information you set in the file so media players and other items which look at the file can see what is on it.

Splitting - Avoid splitting if possible, it can put the file in many small splits and it requires special software to convert back to a file.


The next step is to click OK.

It will upload the file, and start converting it.


It is done!

You can download the file directly, or from a Zip file (less to download, though you need to unzip, check out my article on how to unzip), there's a link to it for 24 hours, you can email the link to a friend, etc.

That was easy right?

I included a few resources at the bottom I included a link to a website which might interest some for downloading.


  • To rip to MP3 from a CD, use WMP You can use Media Converter to convert many different types of files to many different types of files If you want to burn more then one file at a time, check out "How to convert .ape files to .mp3 using Windows" resource below


  • The record companies try to say burning a CD you own is illegal, I am just letting you know They also say sharing is illegal too A lot of record companies are failing too (for horrible tactics of suing their customers)

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