How to Get a Domain Name

by Richard BasharaUpdated September 28, 2017
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Purchasing a domain name is the first step toward creating your personal website. While users sometimes utilize subdomains like WordPress.com, domain ownership means that the user is in full control. Install custom back ends like the Zend Framework and host your own content. With domain ownership, users can customize every aspect of a site. GoDaddy, Register and 1and1 are three popular registrars that sell domain names as well as packages for email and hosting.

Registering a Domain with GoDaddy

Create a list of possible domain names for yourself or your business. Keep a spreadsheet of these names and try to compile as many as you can. From this list of domains, choose a small handful that you like the best.

Search GoDaddy.com for the domains you have chosen from your list. Type the name you want, without any extension (like ".com" or ".org") and click the green “Go” button. Find your domain in the list of domains GoDaddy reports as available. Scroll down the page to review pricing options for the type of domain you want. Select the domain name and extension to add to your cart and click “Continue to Registration” on the top right-hand side of the page.

Log in as an existing customer if you have a GoDaddy account, or create a new account if you do not from the same screen. Follow the prompts to complete the purchase of your domain under your new customer account. Check your email for a receipt of the purchase once you have finished registering your new domain.

Registering a Domain with 1and1

Create a list of possible domain names, and try to compile as many as you can. Choose a small handful that you will search for on 1and1 (1and1.com).

Type the domain name into the search box, without the domain extension, and click the blue “Check” button on the right-hand side of the page. When you have found an available domain, fill in the check box next to it and click the blue “Continue” button.

Choose your domain name package and follow the prompts to review the items in your shopping cart. Once you have made sure you are purchasing the correctly spelled domain name, click “Continue.” Fill out your payment details and complete the purchase. Once you have finished, check your email for instructions on how to set up your new domain name.

Registering a Domain with Register.com

Compile a spreadsheet of possible domain names, and choose a small handful that you will search for on Register.com.

Search for your domain name and click on the green “Find It” button to search for the domain.

Enter your business information and provide payment information for the purchase of your new domain. Follow the prompts and fill out all of the required sections. Once you have reviewed your cart, finalize the purchase. A receipt will be sent to your email with instructions on what to do with your new domain name.


Domain names should be keyword-rich and descriptive. Domains are also used for branding, like Google, Amazon or eBay.

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