How to Make Album Covers

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

A person or group capable of recording a music album may not have any artistic ability when it comes to making an album cover. This can be somewhat aggravating, especially if you don't have photo editing software on your computer. Fortunately, you can make album covers by converting any picture on your computer into an album cover, which can then be printed or saved to your computer.

Big Huge Labs

Go to the Big Huge Labs album cover website at

Click the “Browse” tab. Then, find a picture on your computer that you would like to place on an album cover.

Type the name of the album in the text box beneath the “Title” heading.

Enter any information you want to add to the album cover in the “Text (appears below title)” text box. This could be the name of the band producing the album and/or the songs that appear on the album.

Click the “Create” tab. Your album cover will appear on the next screen. Click the “Save” link beneath the album cover to save the album cover to your computer. The printed page will contain instructions for cutting and folding the album cover.


Visit the Rudeboxr homepage ( and click the “Make a Sleeve” tab.

Select the “Background” options. You will then be able to browse through different options in the “Backgrounds” box by clicking on either a left or right arrow.

Click the “Your Pix” link on the left side of the screen. Click the “Yes” box to agree to the terms of the website and then click “Browse.” Search for a picture on your computer that you want to place on the album cover and then click “OK.” The picture will appear on the right side of the screen.

Click on the “Spray Paint” or “Markers” link and you will see several colors listed above the link. Select a color and then you will be able to “draw” your own art on the album cover.

Click “Finish and Save.” Your album cover will then load in a new box. Click the “Download & Print” tab. You can then choose between “Printable Version,” “Mobile,” “PC Mac,” “Sony PSP” or “iTunes Album Network.” You can also click the “Send to a Friend” tab to email the album cover to yourself or to a friend.