How to Reset the Parental Contol Password on an Xbox

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Setting up a parental control password takes only a minute, but resetting a forgotten code isn't as intuitive as you'd think. You'll have to restore your console to its default factory settings, so be sure to back up your game saves and other data first.

Restoring Factory Settings

To factory restore either console, you'll need to enter the Settings menu. The Xbox One has a clear "Restore factory defaults" option, but the Xbox 360's method is a little more mysterious; in the Storage settings menu, press "Y" and format the hard drive to initialize setup. You'll need the console's serial number, located both in the System Info section and on the console itself.

After Formatting

Once the progress bar completes, you will need to set up your Internet connection again and download your Xbox Live profile. After this, you can set up a new parental control password that you'll remember.