How to Make My Computer Run World of Warcraft Faster

By Craig Brewer

Updated September 22, 2017

World of Warcraft was designed to play on computers with average hardware specifications to make it available to the casual gamer. Nonetheless, it can still run slow on many operating systems. There are various ways you can make it run faster, however, both by changing the settings and by installing a few modification programs that will smooth out choppy screens and stabilize your connection.

Changing Settings

Change your screen resolution. The most common cause of World of Warcraft running slow is that you have it set to a higher screen resolution than your computer can handle. To change the resolution, start and enter the game. Once there, select "Options" and then "Video Settings." Choose a smaller screen resolution from the drop box that appears. Note that you may have to restart the game for this change to take effect.

Turn off "Detail" video options. While in the same screen as in Step 1, turn the list of "Detail" options to "Low" from the drop boxes. They are often set to "Medium" by default, but this can cause your computer to process more slowly.

Turn off the other options such as Shadows, Anti-Alias and Distance Draw. These options may make the game look much smoother, but they slow it down. You can access these from the screen in Step 1.

Disable any mods you have running. You may be overloading your system with customization options. From the start screen, select "Add-ons." Then make sure that each Add-on in the list is deselected. If you think you may only have one or two mods that are overusing memory, try deselecting those individually to see if your performance increases.

Install Modification Programs

Download the mod Framerate Adjuster from the link under "Resources." This is a free game modification that will automatically change some of the video settings that it detects are slowing your performance.

Unzip the file after it downloads. It will automatically be downloaded into the proper folder in your World of Warcraft program.

Start World of Warcraft. Before logging in, click on "Add-ons" from the main screen. Make sure that you see "Framerate Adjuster" in the list that pops up, and be sure it has a check next to it.

Start the game. The mod will now show a small panel on the left-hand side of your screen that will notify you when it is making changes.


If your computer continues to run the game slowly, you can check Blizzard's technical support forum for issues related specifically to your computer and video card.