How to Stream Live TV

By Deborah Cohn

Updated September 22, 2017

Do you know you can watch live television programs on your computer? Many television stations around that world offer free streaming access to their live broadcasts. You can find many of these channels online individually, but one of the best ways to find all the content is with the aggregate site WWITV has collected streams from around the world, so you can watch hundreds of international channels all in one place.

Head to the website (see Resources below).

Under "Click here to watch 3000+ TV Channels WWITV English," click on the "English" flag to view the site in English.

Choose a station from the left-hand navigation if you want to choose your station by country/nationality. You can choose from dozens of local stations from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Choose a category from the left-hand navigation if you want want to choose a genre or type of programming. You can browse through entertainment programming, news programming, educational programming, sports, music, religion, shopping and more. You can even browse webcam streams and full-length movies.

Once you choose a station or a category, you will be given a list of channels or programs in the center of the site. The list will contain the name of the program/channel and tell you whether you will be downloading a clip or streaming the channel/content live. Click on your preferred program to get more information.

You'll be taken to a description of the channel/program. If you want to watch it, just click the link. Depending on the channel/program, a media player window will open within the frame of the site, in a new browser window or outside the browser. Sit back and enjoy your streaming television.