How to Fix a Wii if It Won't Start After a Power Outage

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

Nintendo says DON'T use a surge protector with your Wii.
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One of the common problems users of the Nintendo Wii run into is the failure of a gaming unit to turn on after a power outage. It can be disconcerting as well as misleading, unless you know ahead of time that the problem is not unusual and that your Wii is not broken. Rather than pack it all up in the box it came in and go looking for your receipt, simply reset the machine and see if that doesn't rectify your problem. A power outage or surge during the storm might have tripped the Wii's internal circuit breaker. If it's storming, wait until the storm has passed, even if the power outage ends before the storm has passed.

Unplug the Wii's power adapter cable from the wall.

Unplug the Wii's power adapter cord from the Wii itself. Nintendo recommends you also unplug any other wiring hooked to your Wii.

Leave the power cord unplugged at both ends for two minutes or longer.

Plug the power adapter cord into the back of the Wii, along with any other wires you removed earlier. Then plug the power adapter cord into the wall outlet. The machine should reset its tripped breaker itself.

Unplug the power cord from the wall and the unit again if it failed to come on normally after you plugged it in and tried to turn it on. This time, leave the adapter unplugged at both ends for more than 30 minutes.

Call Nintendo customer service (800-255-3700) if those procedures don't return your Wii to normal function.


Take precautions: If you know a storm is pending, unplug the unit. Don't take the chance of permanent damage occurring due to a power surge.