How to Make Money on "SimCity"

By J.D. Wollf

Updated September 22, 2017

The SimCity games are addictive fun, but if you don’t have enough money in your treasury, then you can’t buy all the fun stuff that makes your city great. There are both “legal” ways to make money and cheats that will swell your treasury’s coffers.

Tax the populace. Of course, if taxes are too high, Sims will move out. Make sure to set all taxes in a region at the same level.

Build a map with areas near water and with high ground areas. These areas are high in land value and help raise tax revenue. Good city services, low pollution, low traffic and trees and parks can also help raise land value.

Start a city with high amounts of industry and small amounts of residential and commercial zoning (leave a quarter of a map free). Once the industry begins raising tax money, build new residential and commercial areas and raise the industrial tax to 18%. As industry moves out, you can convert the industrial zones to commercial and residential zones. Make sure to lower the industrial tax so the industry never completely leaves the city.

Download the “money tree” mod. The tree has negative upkeep, and you will make about four billion dollars.

Use a cheat code. Press the Ctrl and X keys to bring up the cheat window. Type “weakness pays” and hold down the left Shift key. Press down Enter and keep holding Shift until you get the money you want.