How to Reset a Sony PSP

By Amanda Kondolojy

Updated September 22, 2017

Use this method only if your PSP isn't functioning correctly.
i Sony

Although PlayStation Portables have been around for quite a few years, it seems there are multiple theories as to how to properly reset them. Everything from pressing a few strategic buttons to removing the battery has been touted at some point as a possible solution. However, there is a correct way to reset your PSP, and it is actually very simple (although it does involve removing the battery). This reset should only be used in the case of a PSP that is frozen or not functioning correctly. To perform a reset on a functional PSP, see the "Tips" section.

Remove the battery from the left side of the PSP while it is still on. The unit will power down instantly. Wait 10 seconds and then replace the battery.

Press both clear shoulder buttons at the top of the PSP and keep them held down while the PSP reboots. This initiates a "Recovery" mode.

Press down on the control pad to locate a "recovery" folder. This will contain all of your PSP content, including games, music, videos and podcasts that are saved on the device. Highlight this folder and press the "X" button to begin reinstalling your content.


If you would like to reset your PSP while it is working normally, go to the Settings menu and select "System Reset." This will restore the PSP to factory settings (and subsequently remove all of your content).