How to Download Internet Explorer for Mac

by Christopher Capelle ; Updated September 28, 2017

Once the default Web browser regardless of platform, Internet Explorer (IE) has lost favor with Mac users, as they tend to use Apple's Safari or Mozilla's Firefox browsers. To further complicate matters, Microsoft made the unpopular decision to discontinue Internet Explorer for Mac in 2003, and purged it from its site permanently in 2006. IE is still a workable option for Web surfing, and despite the fact that its functionality diminishes every time a new security measure is enabled on websites, it retains a loyal cult following among Mac users.

Understand that Microsoft has effectively disowned IE for Mac. Even if you do install a copy of Explorer for Mac, you may have trouble accessing sites that require authentication, use passwords or use some form of secure encryption.

Locate websites that specialize in legacy software for the Mac. A few of these sites are, and, but these types of sites tend to come and go on a regular basis.

Click on the Download Now link once you've found a site that has IE for Mac. Make sure you're downloading the latest version, 5.2.3.

Double-click on the DMG file on the desktop once the download is complete. Then double-click on the installer, and follow the prompts to install the software. You'll have to enter your admin password to proceed.

Don't expect to be able to get support or upgrade your IE, and once you're at version 5.2.3, you're on your own. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has cut off all support for IE Mac, suggesting users migrate to Safari, Apple's Web browser program.


  • Every day, IE becomes less and less functional, so keep this in mind.

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