How to Find The Food Network Schedule for Today

By Contributor

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet access

  • Remote control

  • Newspaper

You can get inspired to try new recipes by watching the Food Network.
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Having the Food Network schedule for today will allow you to catch every minute of Food Network programming, ensuring that you don't miss a beat when it comes to finding out what your favorite TV chefs are preparing. You have a few choices when it comes to how you get the schedule. You can go online, check your TV channel listings or even use a newspaper. So get to it, because the less time you spend looking up programming, the more time you'll have to watch it.

Go to the Food Network website. Go online, and go to, and click on the "Shows" tab located near the top of the site. In the middle of the page, there is a header saying "Show Listing." To the right of this header, there is a link; click on the "Weekly TV Schedule" link. You will be able to choose which day and what time of day you want the schedule for. Along with the schedule information, you can get all kinds of recipes and read biographies of your favorite chefs.

Check out your "TV Guide" -- online that is. Go to, and at the top of the page to the left, move the cursor over the "What's on TV" tab. A drop down list will appear; click on "TV Listings." TV listings for all the channels will appear. Scroll down until you find the Food Network. You may have to click on "change location/provider" if the listings are not in your time zone. You can also set your favorite channel so the listings for this channel will pop up first.

Use your service provider's guide. If you have either cable or satellite TV, you can access a guide function using your remote control. Usually, the remote provided by your service will feature a button that says, "Guide." Simply push that button while the TV is on, and the guide appears. You may have to scroll to find the Food Network, or if you know the channel number, you can key that in, and it will go to that channel.

Try it old school. The more traditional way of looking up the Food Network schedule is to look in the newspaper at the TV listings and see what is on for the day. Newspapers still include these listings, and they do provide a hard copy that you can refer to.