How to Rent a Movie Projector

By Louise Balle

Updated September 28, 2017

If you want to show a large group of your friends and family footage of a special event or recent adventure, a movie projector will probably give you the best effect. Also, if you are a business person who is required to hold frequent meetings for your company, you will probably have a need for a movie projector at some point. These projectors allow you to transmit PowerPoint presentations and other items that are on your laptop computer to a large projector screen for everyone at your meeting to see.

Go to your local library. Some libraries have movie projectors for rent that can be checked out in the same way that books are, except that the renter must provide more of a guarantee on the rental (ID, address, and possibly a deposit). Some libraries may require that you use one of their conference rooms with the projector.

Visit a Rent-A-Center or other national rental company in your town. Many local consumer rental companies have a wide variety of electronics on hand. Browse the Rent-A-Center website to find your local store and give them a call.

Go to the audio visual (AV) department at your local college or high school. You will have the most success renting a movie projector from a school if you have some type of tie to the organization (former or current student, teacher, contributor).

Try the Meeting Tomorrow or Projector 123 online movie projector rental services (see Resources for links). They have a wide variety of projectors that you can rent for one day or more that will be delivered to your door and require return delivery through the mail just as is the case with movie rentals.

Visit a photo processing and film developing store in your area (the shop should be dedicated solely to film and photo needs). These stores usually have movie projectors and other audio visual equipment for rent.


Since renting a movie projector can cost you hundreds of dollars, it may be more economical to simply buy a projector if you will have a regular need for one. You will probably need to provide a deposit, identification, and possibly have a credit check performed in order to rent a movie projector.