How to Safely Disable Startup Items Using Msconfig

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

If your PC seems to be taking a long time to boot up, part of the problem could be that too many programs are trying to run when your computer starts up. Learn how to increase your computer's start-up time by using the System Configuration Utility.

Click the "Start" button on your taskbar and choose "Run."

Type "msconfig" (without quotes) in the box and click "OK." The "System Configuration Utility" window will pop up.

Choose the "Startup" tab. This tab shows you all the programs or processes that run when your computer starts up each time. Once there, expand the width of the "Command" area so you can see more.

Look through each entry in the "Command" section. Note any items that begin with "C:\Program Files." These files are not essential to startup. Uncheck any items that begin with "C:\Program Files." Leave the items checked that you'd like to keep based on what program is starting up. Disable any program you don't recognize.

Uncheck any of the Program Files items you wish to stop on startup. If you see any items with nothing listed in the Command or Startup Item section, uncheck those too.

Click "OK" to finish. Restart your computer.

When your computer restarts the next time, you will get a message saying that you have changed the way Windows starts up. Check the box that says "Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts."


  • Use your best judgment when deciding what startup items to uncheck; if you have any doubt at all, just leave it checked.

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