How to Convert an SAT File to an MP3

By Curtis Fease

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Digital audio player (must have Windows Media Player compatibility)

  • Computer

  • Windows Media Player

There are numerous digital audio players in the world today, but some come with the disadvantage of having music saved as SAT files. SAT files make moving your music between different mediums difficult, mainly due to encryption. Many people have a problem getting by this, but in just a few minutes, you can simply transfer the songs to your computer in MP3 format.

Convert an SAT File to an MP3

Start by navigating to your setup menu on your player. Do this by using your scroll tool down until you see "Setup". Highlight this option and select it.

Scroll down the setup menu until you see an option for "Connections". Find the option for computer or PC connections. HIghlight and select this option. Select "Windows Media Player" from the new menu that comes up.

Make sure you have version 10 or higher of Windows Media Player to ensure you can convert your music. If you don't, click the "Upgrade" link below and download a newer version.

Ensure that both your USB cable and your AC adapter are hooked up to your player. Some players have cradles that these connections must be hooked to. If you have a cradle, then hook the USB cable and AC adapter to the cradle. Hook the other end of the USB cable into your computer.

Switch to USB mode on your player. If your player has a cradle, put the player in it. Turn on your player's power. If you've set up your player correctly, there should be a symbol signifying that your USB is connected on your player's screen.

Go to "My Computer." This should be in your Start menu or on your desktop. Look for your player. It most likely be an icon with your audio player's brand name. Select and open this icon. Select the folder that has your music on it. Right click (just once) on the folder(s) that has your music in it. Look at the top of your Explorer page (on the computer) and select the "Edit" menu. Highlight and select "Select All". Select "Edit" again, but this time select "Copy".

Make a new folder on your hard drive. Make sure you have plenty of space. Your Local Disk drive should be sufficient if you have enough memory. Name the folder whatever you want. Once you've created the folder, select it, right click the folder, and select the "Paste" option. Now just leave your equipment to do its work, as it may take a few minutes to transfer. Your music files will be copied to the new folder without the SAT encryption.


Get a program like Rockbox from if you want new filmware on your player.


Any digital audio player can be used to convert your SAT files to MP3s, but the menu options may not be the exact same, depending on brand name.