How to System Reboot a HP Pavilion

By Sabah Karimi

Updated September 28, 2017

When your Windows operating system crashes or you have installed new hardware or software programs to your HP Pavilion computer, you will need to perform a system reboot. You do not need a special CD to perform a reboot, and the process takes just a few minutes.

Exit all programs. Save all working documents and close all web browser windows and programs in Windows so you are left with only your desktop screen.

Shut down the computer. Click "Start," then "Shut Down" from the main menu options. Wait at least 1 to 2 minutes for the monitor and system to completely shut down before proceeding.

Restart the computer. Push the power button once to restart your computer, and wait a few seconds.

Press F11. Press the F11 function key at the top of your keyboard before the "Windows" launch screen appears to access the system restore options. From here, you can choose to launch Windows normally, or perform the reboot in "Safe" mode if you were experiencing severe problems such as a system crash.

Log in to Windows. Enter your user name and password to relaunch Windows on the HP Pavilion.


Simply selecting the "Restart" option from the "Start" menu can be enough to manage system crashes or refreshing the system after installing new hardware or software


If you have a virus on your computer, rebooting the system could cause more problems; run an antivirus program as soon as you detect any spyware on your computer