How to Track the Location of Cell Phones

By Kristy Pruitt

Updated September 28, 2017

GPS is one of the hottest new technologies available. It enables you to find directions to just about anywhere right from your own vehicle. It also helps provide assistance to those who make emergency calls from their cell phones. And now, with the help of a cell phone tracking service, you can use it to track your friends and family members. With easy setup and reasonable fees, cell phone tracking has become popular among parents, spouses, and anyone else who wants to keep tabs on someone.

Get permission from the person whose cell phone you intend to track.

Make sure the phone you want to track is equipped with GPS technology. Phones that may be tracked include Motorola iDEN phones, the BlackBerry, the Android and Windows Mobile phones. You can find out if a particular phone has GPS by asking your cellular service representative or consulting the phone's manual.

Check to see if the cellular carrier to which the person you want to track subscribes supports GPA tracking. Most major carriers do, and a growing number of smaller carriers also offer GPS capabilities. You can find out if any given carrier supports GPS by checking the company's website or calling customer service.

Choose a tracking service that works with the cellular carrier of the person whose phone you wish to track. You can find such services through the cellular carrier's website.

Install the tracking software on the phone (if required) and register it with the tracking service. You should now be able to track the cell phone's location online.


Some tracking service providers offer packages that include cell phones with software already installed. Ask the service provider or your cellular carrier for details. Tracking service is usually billed separately from cellular service.


Tracking someone's cell phone without his or her permission is an invasion of privacy, and it is illegal.