How to Make Stickers on the Computer

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Microsoft Word

  • Sheets of labels

  • Printer

  • Graphics (optional)

Make Stickers on Your Computer

Stickers are used for many reasons. You can make stickers on the computer for just about any thing you would like. Use these stickers for gifts, packages, canning, baked goods, scrapbooking, hobbies, crafts, labeling or any other purpose. You can make use of a variety of sticker templates and customize them to fit your specific needs. All that is required is Microsoft Word, a printer, sheets of labels and your imagination. Add your own graphics or text to make the perfect sticker for any occasion.

Acquire the sheets of stickers (labels). Choose one that will work with the templates offered. Make sure you have plenty of colored ink, if your stickers have color.

Go to Microsoft Office Online's templates. Select a sticker template to use on your computer. Click on each one to open a page showing it in full size. Pick a template for your stickers.

Click on the "Download" button to get the sticker template. It will automatically open up in Microsoft Word. Click on "Save As" located under "File" on the Menu bar. Name and save a copy of it.

Add or edit text on the sticker. Highlight any text and modify it as desired. Add words by selecting "Insert" and then "Text Box." Use the mouse to place the text box on the sticker. Repeat for each sticker.

Include clip art, pictures or WordArt on your stickers. Place various types of graphics on your stickers. Choose the type from the available options found under "Picture" under the "Insert" menu.

Review and make the stickers. Go over the stickers looking for any changes needed. Make adjustments and then print the stickers.


The templates list the Avery product number for the specific label needed. Most other brands of labels also have this number shown and can be used in place of Avery label sheets to make your stickers.

You can change the complete look of the templates provided to make customized stickers. It does not really matter what is shown on it. Select the template by the style of sticker and the version of Microsoft Word you have.

View the border of the stickers on the Microsoft label template. Click on "Show Gridlines" that is located on the "Table" menu.


Always print a test sheet before using the actual sticker sheets. Make any needed changes to ensure the stickers line up accurately.