How to Make the XBox 360 Controller Continuously Vibrate

By Elliot Volkman

Updated September 22, 2017

Xbox 360 console
i Elliot S. Volkman

There are several ways to cause an Xbox 360 controller to continuously vibrate or act as a massaging device (rather than for its intended function of controlling video game movements). Xbox 360 controllers are usually wireless--although some come wired--and the design of the wireless controller can be doubled as a wireless messaging device that fits around a person's neck.

Download one of two different free trials of programs on Xbox Live (see Resources below). Only one of the two free trials will allow continuous vibration (Rumble Massage), as the other has a limit of 1 minute unless you purchased the full version (Remote Masseuse).

Rumble Massage

Select "Game Marketplace" on Xbox Live, then select "Community Games."

Select the letter "R" and download either "Rumble Massage" or "Remote Masseuse" free trials. Rumble Massage has no time limit for vibration.

Activate the program Rumble Massage. Following the on-screen directions will set the Xbox 360 controller to continuously vibrate at the intensity selected.


Rumble Massage costs 200 Microsoft Points for the full version. Remote Masseuse costs 200 Microsoft Points for the full version.


Activating the continuous vibrating on an Xbox 360 controller can damage the vibration motor after long periods of use. Rumble Masseuse and Remote Massage have not been approved for use by Microsoft, but are approved for download.